Welcome... to a place where Spirits are Revealed. 

Spirits Revealed is a massive project still in the early stages, but it is an undertaking which is already well begun!
As time permits, more pages and more images will be added.
Please explore these pages... because a great deal of material is available already in the many pages of this site, including:


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Spirits are real, and they are to be taken seriously. 
Yet, as G.K. Chesterton once quipped, perhaps "angels can fly because they take themselves lightly."  Expect in these pages a mixture of dark and light, from studies of Satan and the Angel of Death, to romps with garden gnomes and sly winks at Victorian ladies in crepe paper wings.

Also expect to be challenged in some of your beliefs.  Here you will find an unusual visual exploration of the history of spirits in art and culture, and these pages will bring to light aspects of the spirit world that have been largely lost to people of our day.

As the popular perceptions of today are compared and contrasted with the ancient words of Jesus and the accounts preserved in hundreds of authoritative Old and New Testament Bible passages, you may want to dig out a Bible and do some checking yourself.

But for now, you probably just want to get started by looking around... so, enjoy!

BOOKMARK, explore the many linked pages and galleries, and watch for the appearance of more spirits each month as we add to these pages.

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