Old Bible Illustrations ~ Angels & Demons
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Old Bible Illustrations

of Angels, Satan, Demons & Spirits

This page  provides links to collections of images inspired by passages of the Bible. 

In some examples, the illustration follows the text very closely, while in others, the artist took a great deal of liberty and moved far beyond what the Bible actually says.

Most of these images originally appeared in Bibles and other religious books or as illustrations on post cards, prayer cards, and Sunday School cards from the Victorian era.

Among these images are also examples of religious illustrations dating back a thousand years or more.  The earliest of these images have been scanned from 19th century books that reproduced the original art for Victorian audiences.  All of the images found here are from the author's personal archives, which include original Medieval Illuminated Manuscript leaves, Renaissance woodcuts, countless old books and thousands of chromolithographs and cards.

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